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Video Production

Video is quickly becoming the most effective marketing tool and the preferred means of consuming information. As a multi-award-winning video producer, I not only understand the technical aspects of video production, but I understand how to craft a story. With years of experience working in cable television, and an arsenal of top-quality gear, I can create video deliverables that stand out.

What you'll get:

  • Content ideas: If you’re looking for video, but don’t know where to start, I can help you come up with concepts that complement your existing content and marketing initiatives.

  • Storyboard and script: Before we start shooting, I meet with you to go over a storyboard and script to make sure we’re creatively aligned to maximize efficiency.

  • Video shoot: I, along with a crew if necessary, put together a shoot schedule, find a location, provide all necessary lighting, sound and camera equipment, and direct the shoot for your video.

  • Edited video: Once the shoot is complete, I take all the footage and edit it into a concise and professional video that’s ready for distribution.

What clients are saying

“I have worked with Jim over three decades and continue to be inspired by his dedication, work ethic, and selfless commitment to his clients. His unique background makes him both creative and practical in his approach, and this rare combination allows him to tackle projects both strategically and tactically whatever the assignment requires."

Mark Hess, Senior VP, Business & Industry Affairs, Comcast


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