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Despite society's emphasis on short, sporadic messages and image-heavy collateral, words matter. With 20 years’ experience writing scripts, print ads, consumer instruction manuals, digital SEM ads, web copy, and long-form articles, I understand the importance of perfecting the message to ensure it resonates with the reader. No matter your copywriting needs, I can guarantee it’s something I’ve tackled with success.

What you'll get:

  • Consistent tone: No matter the format or channel, I ensure all copy is written in your brand style, so you have a strong and consistent voice.

  • Professional copy: Using AP style and marketing best practices, I ensure your copy is professional, on brand, and most importantly, effective.

  • Finished collateral: If you need finalized collateral, I can bring in my graphic design partners to deliver finished pieces.

What clients are saying

“Mitchell Marketing Management serves as our turnkey, outsourced marketing department —efficient, economical, and on-target. From research to detailed planning to execution, Jim Mitchell and MMM have consistently delivered to expectations. Our “trust factor” in this relationship could not be higher."

Frank Appleby, President, The Peoples’ Bank of Arlington Heights

Samples of Work

Condo Development Advertisements

Technical Writing

Legal and Political Fliers

Village Newsletters

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