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Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is a necessary part of every marketing strategy. It’s where your customers go to learn new information, get recommendations from peers, and connect with your brand on a more personal level. Without it, your customers won’t know where to find you. Though social media is prevalent in our lives, not everyone knows how to harness its power. My experience and dedication drives me to stay on top of trends to ensure your brand is seen and your customers are happy.

What you'll get:

  • Fresh content: Having a social media presence demands an incredible amount of content. I create a comprehensive content calendar for your channels each month and write the posts using the appropriate tone, language, and hashtags.

  • Channel monitoring: Listening on social media is just as important as posting. I manage your social channels, listen and respond to your followers, and monitor industry conversations to determine which you should be a part of.

  • Analytics: The only way to see growth within your social channels is to track how people are reacting and use those analytics to improve your strategy. Each month I provide analytics to ensure your social channels are working for you.

  • Reputation management: Nowadays, people take to social media when they’re upset with your products or service. When these unfortunate instances occur, I swiftly respond to the issue to keep your reputation intact.

What clients are saying

“Saint Viator High School has been blessed to have Jim Mitchell as a consultant for a number of years on various initiatives. The last 18 months we made a decision to bring on Jim in expanded role to help take our overall public relations efforts to a new level.  It has proven to be one of the best marketing decisions we have made.  Jim Mitchell has not only gotten us organized, he has taught us the skills and mindset our team needs to continue to move forward.  From introducing us to Podcasts, to providing us an overall annual marketing calendar - Jim Mitchell has made Saint Viator better!"

Tom Ramsden, Vice President - Development, Saint Viator High School

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