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Video and Podcasts

It’s essential for brands to create content in every form, so regardless of how your customers like to consume information, you’re able to reach them. High-quality video delivers messaging in a unique and powerful way, while podcasts are an explosive new trend that you need to use regularly. Working with you and your team, I help brainstorm content, develop the creative approach, shoot and edit videos, and produce and host your podcast series.

What you'll get:

  • Concepting: From developing your media concept to scripting content, I get your project off on the right foot. I'll also manage your budget to increase the effectiveness of delivering the message.

  • Production: Whether it is shooting and editing your video, or producing and hosting your podcast, I make sure you have a final product that upholds your brand image.

  • Promotion: After production, I promote the assets through appropriate marketing channels.

What clients are saying

“Jim is very professional and responsive. Jim is very knowledgeable about how and where to promote my business, taking the time to develop the right material to discuss my business' objectives to focus on my target market. Most importantly, Jim takes my business goals seriously."

Laurie Huspen, Founder, Valuable Resources Co.

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