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Public Relations

In a world of oversaturation, name recognition counts. And though there are a number of paid marketing tactics that get your name out there, it would be imprudent to overlook opportunities in the media. My job is to make sure your name is known. I know how to find the angle of a story and get it to journalists. Through my media connections, I keep your name in front of the public, thought leaders, and decision-makers in your industry.

What you'll get:

  • The stories: There’s often a disconnect between the message a company wants to push out and the story journalists will pick up. I’m able to find the story that gets picked up.

  • Crafted press releases: Once we’ve decided on a story, I carefully craft a press release to increase the chances of a placement and ensure the language is on brand.

  • Media outreach: Tapping into my network of media connections, I do all the outreach for you, including sending quotes to reporters on your behalf.

  • Placement: All this results in placement in top-tier and industry-specific publications to maximize your reach to ensure your name is known.

What clients are saying

“Jim has truly taken SALUTE, Inc. to another level with emphasis on expanding our community engagement and outreach.  He provides invaluable advice and strategic planning for our non-profit organization."

Mary Beth Beiersdorf, Executive Director, SALUTE, Inc.


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