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As an integrated marketing consultant, I look at your business objectives and craft a marketing plan that helps you meet goals. I refine your messaging and push it out strategically through every viable channel, carefully measuring the results. Let’s work together to build a marketing plan that maximizes your investment and delivers results.

After completing a sound evaluation, I develop a comprehensive roadmap that efficiently achieves your goals.

Marketing Strategy

Name recognition counts. I get your name in front of the public, thought leaders, and decision-makers in your industry.

Public Relations

Despite its popularity, not everyone knows how to harness the power of social media. I stay on top of trends to ensure your brand is seen and your customers are happy.

Social Media

When you hire MMM to create or revamp your website, I assemble a team of the best designers and developers, and ensure your website is completed in a timely fashion.

Website Development

With 20 years’ experience writing scripts, print ads, digital SEM ads, web copy, and long-form articles, I understand the importance of perfecting your messaging.


High-quality video delivers messaging in a unique and powerful way, while audio podcasts are an explosive new trend that you need to use regularly.

Video and Podcasts
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