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Mitchell Marketing Management


Helping businesses communicate since 1998.

Marketing can be a lot of things to a lot of people, but what it can’t be is an afterthought. Mitchell Marketing Management acts as an extension of your team, fine-tuning your messaging and putting it in front of your clients wherever they are in whichever medium they consume. My job is to make sure your name is known and manage what it’s known for.

Services Offered

Our Servuces
Marketing Strategy

After completing a sound evaluation, I develop a comprehensive roadmap that efficiently achieves your goals.

Video and Podcasts

High-end videos and podcasts are the best tools for delivering a targeted message. A winner of multiple awards, and host of hundreds of podcasts, I deliver a lasting impression.

Public Relations

Name recognition counts. I get your name in front of the public, thought leaders, and decision-makers in your industry.


With 20 years’ experience writing scripts, print ads, digital SEM ads, web copy, and long-form articles, I understand the importance of perfecting your messaging.

Website Development

When you hire MMM to create or revamp your website, I team up with the best designers and developers to ensure your website is completed in a timely fashion.

View All Services

Learn about all services including marketing strategy, public relations, copywriting, website development, social media management and video and podcast production.

What Clients are Saying

“Saint Viator High School has been blessed to have Jim Mitchell as a consultant for a number of years on various initiatives. The last 18 months we made a decision to bring on Jim in an expanded role to help take our overall public relations efforts to a new level. It has proven to be one of the best marketing decisions we have made. Jim Mitchell has not only gotten us organized, he has taught us the skills and mindset our team needs to continue to move forward. From introducing us to Podcasts, to providing us an overall annual marketing calendar - Jim Mitchell has made Saint Viator better!”

Tom Ramsden 

Vice President - Development,

Saint Viator High School

Mitchell Marketing Management Clients

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